The House of Commons of Canada is a truly unique community that offers delegates an experience greatly different from the typical MUN committee.  Delegates get the opportunity to take part in the world of Canadian Politics and debate issues that are relevant to Canadian life.

This is MUN’s first year running HOC, and we hope to provide delegates with an experience that accurately represents the real Canadian House of Commons.  Members of HOC will get the chance to represent a Member of Parliament and be given a riding and a party to represent.

Delegates participating in The House of Commons will get the opportunity to further their understanding on how one of the key aspects of the Canadian government works.  As part of HOC members will have to write Private Members Resolutions, and research their party’s platform, and their constituencies.  

Topic: Electoral Reform

PMRs are required for anyone wishing to be eligible for an award.
PMRs are due Thursday, October 26, 2017.

HOC Background Guide

Erin Brooks| Co-Speaker of the House | hoc@vymun.com

ErinBrooks.jpgHi, my name is Erin and I’m in Grade 12 at WPGA. I am excited to be your Co-Speaker of the House this year for House of Commons. I’ve been participated in Model UN since grade 8, and am looking forward to staffing again this year. Outside of MUN, I enjoy playing soccer and running cross country as well as cooking. I want to wish you all good luck with your Private Members Bills and look forward to seeing you all in October.





Taffy Tan | Co-Speaker of the House

image1Hi, my name is Taffy and I’m a grade 11 student at WPGA. I am super excited to be in HOC at VYMUN this year. Over the years I’ve participated in SSUNS, VMUNs, VYMUNs and PACMUNs. VYMUN 2015 was my first MUN in grade eight and I look forward to help making your experience as enjoyable as mine was. My hobbies includes gaming, napping and eating. Good luck to all of you and I look forward to meeting you in October!





Denny Tan | Clerk

21122871_1414180518703193_1800589396_o.pngHello everyone! My name is Denny Tan, and this year, I will be your Clerk in HOC. My first MUN experience was in grade 7, a VYMUN, in fact. Since then, I’ve attended 6 more conferences, but my passion for Model UN has not diminished… yet. Some of my other hobbies include writing, building models, and doodling. I’m looking forward to meeting you all in October!



Jerita Mingotti | Clerk