Formed in 1947, the United States National Security Council (NSC) is the principal forum used by the President of the United States for topics concerning national security and foreign policy matters. The council consists of senior national security advisors and cabinet officials and is part of the Executive Office of the President of the United States. Since its inception, the function of the council has been to advise and assist the president.

The NSC is designed primarily for intermediate and advanced delegates. Though position papers are not required, they are recommended to ensure delegates feel prepared and comfortable throughout the conference.

Topic 1. Security Issues in Asia

Topic 2. Cybersecurity

Position papers are required for anyone wishing to be eligible for an award.
Position papers are due Friday, October 27, 2017.

NSC Background Guide

Henk Van Den Berg | Director | nsc@vymun.com

20348079_1904717489791220_771910935_o.jpgHi, my name is Henk and I’m a Grade 12 student at WPGA. I am excited to be your director this year for the United States National Security Council. My MUN experience began two years ago at VYMUN and I have been to MUNs around Canada, the United States, and Hong Kong ever since. I hope to bring you an experience just as great as the one I had back when I participated in grade 10. Good luck to you all and can’t wait to see in October.




 Keely Aquilini | Chair

KeelyAquilini.jpgHi, my name is Keely Aquilini and I am in grade 11 at WPGA. I am so excited to be your chair at VYMUN, in the National Security Council this year. I have five years of MUN experience under my belt and I am looking forward to sharing what I have learned in this challenging committee. I have been rewarded for my hard work in almost all my past MUN’s and I hope that all of your prep and work will pay off as well. Outside of Model UN, I play many sports like basketball and volleyball, but soccer has always been my favourite. Good luck with your topic papers and see you soon!




Belle Xu | Assistant Director

image1 (1).JPGHi delegates, my name is Belle and I’m a grade 11 student at WPGA. This is my fourth year participating in MUN. I’ve attended a variety of MUN conferences and I hope to make this conference enjoyable for you all just like it has been for me. I am thrilled to be staffing as the assistant director this year. In my free time, I really enjoy sketching and drawing. I am looking forward to seeing your beautiful faces at VYMUN 2017!